High Tech War

HTW Welcome
The welcome screen to High Tech War


Assault: High Tech War and 3.0 is an open source multi-user dungeon (MUD) maintained for purely nostalgia purposes. Of course, maintained is defined in that it is hosted and kept alive, although just barely, by Kevin ‘Demortes’ Dethlefs.


If you would like to visit the realm of Assault, as it was first created by Amnon and then later inherited by Demortes, feel free to use your favorite MUD client and connect to host assault.demortes.com on port 6660.


If you’re wanting to sneak a peek at the source code, it has been hosted on BitbucketĀ here. Feel free to fork it, change it however you like within the license, and submit pull requests. Any particular questions can also be emailed to [email protected].

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