Assault Game Studios (AGS) was born out of the love for video games and the desire to create cool stuff as the founders went along their path in education.

Founded by Kevin ‘Demortes’ Dethlefs and Victor ‘Grave’ Khou, Assault Game Studios stemmed from a text-based game called a MUD that they played and then later ran. The MUD, Assault: High Tech War, still runs today at assault.demortes.com on port 6660, accessible by using any telnet capable application (such as Putty or dedicated MUD clients such as cMUD or Mudlet). While the text-based project was great to learn programming on and see their work enjoyed by others, they thirsted for more.

Assault Game Studios was created to facilitate that thirst, provide an avenue for developers to create and possibly make a living off of doing something they enjoy. As we advance through the stages of development, look forward to exciting news and alpha tests!

Video games by gamers for gamers