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As a student at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, I studied Computer Engineering, created educational robots, ran a robotics student organization and interned for international payment processing company. Before school, I was front line support for companies like Gateway, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft and Vizio, in both customer service and technical support divisions. During my free time, I am an avid gamer and look to connect with people of similar interests through creation and playing of video games. I don't stick with one genre of video games and further my social network through websites like Twitch, moderating popular channels like Tessachka's, Rowynn's, and "smaller" streamers, although each community is just as important.

What to expect?

Welcome to AGS’ first “blog” post. While we aim to create and inform about our creations through this website, we hope to build a community among gamers to help us build great things! You can connect with us on Facebook or even just outright email us.

Ultimately we would like to create a massive game, and once we get closer to that goal, we’ll showcase our work. Until then, look out for smaller applications, demonstrations, and showcases of our work within Unreal Engine, Unity and mobile platforms such as Android.

This is not going to be a short road. There is a lot of learning, a lot of building and a lot of design to look forward to. It may be rough around the edges, and it may not work entirely as expected as we grow our knowledgebase, our community and as technology advances much faster that we can anticipate.

Meanwhile, say “Hi!” if you’d like and let’s start talking.